Put information into the hands of 20,000 shooters!

20,020 Flyers in 2020!



You can put these flyers in the hands of target shooters for only .15 each!

Sponsor:  167 flyers for a $  25 donation,

   333 flyers for a $  50 donation,

   667 flyers for a $100 donation,

1,667 flyers for a $250 donation!

"Target Shooting On Public Land"

 Education and information to assist recreational target shooters with;

 Bullet Point  Knowledge of State & Federal Land shooting Rules,

 Bullet Point  Safety information to help improve Public & Personal Safety,

 Bullet  Fire Prevention & Natural Resource Protection information,

 Bullet Point  Tips & suggestions for easy cleanup and safe/fun shooting.

Brochure Front 

Brochure Inside 

Education and information is our primary first line of defense against irresponsible shooting on public lands.  Thousands of shooters, throughout the Northwest, are unaware of the common rules for public land target shooting.  That's not right!

"If you shoot on public lands, you need to know the rules!"

We need to get this tri-fold color glossy flyer into the hands of recreational shooters who visit State and Federal lands in Oregon and Washington.  Flyers will be easily accessible at select outdoor stores, gun shops, forest management agencies and Law Enforcement Officiers.

Please help support the shooting sports by sponsoring these flyers!

As we convert irresponsible shooters into responsible ones, we benefit by;

Saving our places to shoot,

Improving public safety,

Preserving our natural resources,

Preventing wild fires and

Having a trash-free forest!

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CEO/President Trash No Land

360/ 713-8304


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