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April 20, 2019,  9 AM - 12 Noon

36 Pit Cleanup,  Mt Hood National Forest,   Hwy 224 at the 36 Pit.

Cleanup Cover 

Sponsored by;     Trash No Land,    USFS Mt Hood National Forest,

Clackamas County Dump Stoppers.

Google Maps:    11 mi East of Estacada on Hwy 224

GPS:  45.196422, -122.180072

BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch), outdoor clothes, boots, gloves & rake.

BYVS (Bring Your Volunteer Spirit!) and a Stewards Heart!

Family Friendly. Recommend children 12 or older and with parent supervision.

Firearm Policy: Handling or use of a firearm during event hours is not allowed at our events and is not an official part of our events. You may recreate as you wish after the event concludes.

Google Earth Pic 

This is a small area and won’t take long to cleanup.  It sees a lot of use and gets very messy often.  Being highly used, it’s a place we need to keep in good condition.

Bring toys for some fun & safe recreational shooting after the cleanup!

If you value the privilege of free recreation in Mt. Hood National Forest, join Trash No Land, USFS and Clackamas County Dump Stoppers as we take a stand against trash on public land.

-----------------------------Follow Up--------------------------------

Good times and good deeds were done on Earth Day at the 36 Pit.

Yes, we got it done with 12 volunteers who cleaned out 1,360 lbs of trash off our playground. AND, they got it done by noon! Nice work folks!

 These volunteers did a pretty darn good job! Thank you all!

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