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Cleanup Jones Creek Area

.Cover photo 4-14-18

Sat 4-14-18, 9 AM - 1 PM

Meeting Place:  At Jones Creek ORV Trail Head parking lot on the L-1610 road.

Google Maps:

GPS:   45.666957, -122.310795

Please join us as we invest a few short hours improving the quality of recreation in the Burn.  With your help, we will be cleaning up several places along the L-1610 road.  This road is one of the most popular entrances to the Yacolt Burn State Forest.  First impressions of a clean pristine forest are important to all who visit.

Bring lunch, gloves, boots, rake, pickup tool, magnet tool, bucket and a stewards heart!

WA DNR will provided: trash bags & disposal!

This event qualifies for hours credited toward your free annual Discover Pass, from WA DNR.  Earn 24 hours of volunteer time with DNR and receive a free annual Discover Pass.  Pass requirement is waived for the day of this event only.

Cleanup is sponsored by Trash No Land and the Washington Dept of Natural Resources.

Before pic

Before Pic

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Before pic

Before pic

-----------------------------Follow Up--------------------------------

And the longest drive award goes to... Craig and Tracy!  They drove from Albany, OR all the way to the Yacolt Burn, WA!  Great effort and very much appreciated!

Nice day, no rain, good working conditions! 25 volunteers!

The recreation groups represented were from Piston's Wild, Jones Creek Trail Riders Association and Northwest Firearms who overfilled the 20 yard dumpster, a full size DNR pickup truck load and a big trailer full of tires!

Special THANK YOU goes out to LES SCHWAB TIRES for their donation of tire disposal!!!

All said and done, we made a positive difference.  Thank you to all the fine folks who joined in!

So come to the Yacolt Burn State Forest and enjoy quality recreation this Spring and Summer!  And don't forget the extra trash bags!  Thank you.

Yacolt 4-14-18 1

Yacolt 4-14-18 2

Yacolt 4-14-18 3

Yacolt 4-14-18 4

Yacolt 4-14-18 5

Yacolt 4-14-18 6

Yacolt 4-14-18 7

Yacolt 4-14-18 8

Yacolt 4-14-18 9

Yacolt 4-14-18 10

Yacolt 4-14-18 11

Yacolt 4-14-18 12

Yacolt 4-14-18 13

Yacolt 4-14-18 14

Yacolt 4-14-18 15


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