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A Free Information Class for Target Shooting on Public Land

Sat, May 26, 2018  1 - 2 PM

Location:  Sportsman's Warehouse, 9401 SE 82nd Ave , Happy Valley, OR.

Free and open to the public.

Class poster 5-26-18

  • Where to shoot?

  • What to shoot?

  • How to be legal?

  • Are there any rules?

  • Can I shoot milk jugs and propane tanks?

  • Group shooting & sharing.

  • Etiquette.

  • Ethics.

  • Basic firearms safety rules.

  • Fire/public/personal safety.

  • What's at stake and how does that effect the next generation?

  • and more...

-----------------------------Follow Up--------------------------------

Good class today. Covered all the basics and then some. Pleasure meeting the dedicated folks who care about how our public lands and want to see improvements to recreational shooting.

Thank you to Sportsman's Warehouse in Happy Valley, for the venue for this class. We appreciate your involvement and support for the shooting sports!

Next class is scheduled for Saturday, July 28th at Sportsman's Warehouse, Hillsboro, OR. at 1 PM.

Class 5-26-18 1

Class 5-26-18 2

Class 5-26-18 3

Class 5-26-18 4

Class 5-26-18 5

Class 5-26-18 6

Class 5-26-18 7

Stewardship keeps it open!

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