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Trash No Land is a Washington-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive difference in recreational target shooting, toward the critical goal of protecting and preserving our public lands.

Education and awareness of rules, ethics, stewardship and safety are the foundations of our mission. We promote awareness and seek solutions surrounding responsible shooting on public lands through our website and social media, at special events and sporting goods stores, and from printed information, photos, and videos. We lead clean-ups at shooting sites in the forests of Washington and Oregon, assist forest management agencies in the development of quality shooting lanes and enhance our message through extensive volunteer efforts to keep these lands clean and safe.

We are an all volunteer organization.  No members or staff receive any compensation.


Bill CogleyBill Cogley, President/Founder of Trash No Land.

Began working in 2014 to bring gun owners together for the purpose of helping restore Stewardship in recreational shooting on public land. Since then, he has organized many successful cleanups and has been actively involved in the development of informational and educational programs designed to protect and preserve our public lands for recreational shooting.

"I have found simply doing cleanups is not the solution to the problem, but rather, is an end result of a pre-existing and ongoing problem.  With greater numbers of gun owners and fewer places to shoot, more people are turning to public land for their shooting recreation.  Many of whom are unaware of public land shooting rules.  We need to do a variety of things to raise awareness and find solutions to trashed shooting sites on public land."


Bryan OlsonBryan Olson, Vice President/Board of Directors.

Bryan has played an integral part in helping to form Trash No Land.  He is a gun enthusiast who enjoys collecting, shooting and reloading.

He has been actively involved in helping to find solutions to the concerns of target shooting on public land.  He served, and continues to serve, as a consultant for the Oregon Department of Forestry's improved shooting lanes in Tillamook State Forest.                        


Aaron PiazzaAaron Piazza Treasurer/Board of Directors.

Joined our Board of Directors in 2017.  He grew up target shooting in the Oregon forests and is committed to keeping them open to recreational shooting for future generations.  He feels that while Gun Clubs and private ranges are an important aspect of enjoying the shooting sports, the solitude and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest make outdoor shooting locales an invaluable addition.

Aaron is licensed as a CPA in Oregon and is the Controller for Western Partitions, Inc., a large drywall contractor.  He is on the adjunct faculty at Linfield College and holds a MAcc from Gonzaga University and a BS from the University of Oregon.  Aaron is also a Navy veteran.  He lives in Tigard, OR with his wife Andrea and their two children.  His interests include, not surprisingly, shooting in the summertime and he serves as the League Commissioner for his Fantasy Football league when the season turns to fall.


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We are a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization.  We are registered as a Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Washington and approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 Chartitable Volunteer nonprofit corporation.  Your donation is tax deductible.

Your support of our efforts is very much appreciated!  Thank You!


Stewardship in Recreational Shooting.

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