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What shall we do about Target Shooting on public land?  

Do we ignore the concerns and let it go, only to loose it?  Or do we work to save it?

Trash No Land believes we should work to SAVE and IMPROVE IT!

This critical question demands a response and requires immediate action from the recreational shooting community.  The active involvement of recreational shooters is key to causing a positive impact, on our privilege to shoot on public lands, and is an absolute necessity for improvements to become reality.

Recreational target shooting is in jeopardy of being shut down because of a few who;

  • dump trash illegally and/or shoot trash on public land,

  • fail to remove spent targets, casings and trash,

  • use reckless and unsafe practices,

  • do not adhere to the rules,

  • show a lack of respect, responsibility and stewardship,

  • have disregard for, and damage to, our natural resources.

Here's a look at what we're up against;

Trash filled with bullet holes is commonly seen, and sadly associated, with recreational shooting.  Spent casings, used targets, plywood and shot up wooden pallets, household garbage, TV’s, appliances, computers and more, all left behind.  The trash alone is enough to cause state and federal agencies, as well as other recreational groups, to consider shutting down shooting locations and/or imposing more regulations.

Trashed Site

Another problem we face, often a bigger issue, is an inadequate or a non-existent backstop. Combine that with shooting too close to other recreational activities, like hiking, biking and off road use, and it's a recipe for disaster!  It is called Reckless Endangerment and is a criminal offense.

This bullet ridden log, shown below, is an example of a non-existent back stop. Targets were laid on top with zero means of stopping bullets from traveling into the forest well beyond.  In addition, shooting into a log itself holds potential to start a wildfire and is a violation of the shooting rules.

No Backstop

Add-into the equation, the damage to our natural resources.  Fire danger, resource damage, trash, and of course, damage to the recreational shooters' reputation.


In the summer time, during fire season, many shooters are not taking the necessary precautions. Target shooting has been blamed for several wildfires and we suspect most of them, if not all of them, could have been prevented with adequate safety measures.

Saftey Gear

Is this what we want in recreational shooting? 

Do we let it run its course and loose our privilege of target shooting on public land?


As responsible gun owners and stewards of public land, we must not stand by and allow our heritage to be decimated.  It is essential that we form a strong organization to effect positive change.  The Trash No Land staff cannot do this alone.  We're need your help and support!

Trash No Land is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive difference in recreational shooting on public land toward the critical goal of protecting and preserving our heritage, privileges and our public lands.

We promote education and awareness of rules, ethics, stewardship and safety as the foundations of our mission.

We raise awareness and seek solutions surrounding the concerns for responsible shooting on public lands through our website, social media, at special events and sporting goods stores, and from printed information, photos, and videos.

We lead volunteer clean-ups at shooting sites in the forests of Washington and Oregon involving 150 to 200 volunteers each year who are responsible for removing an estimated 17,000+ pounds of trash per year from public lands.

We promote and assist forest land management agencies in the improvements of quality shooting lanes on public land,

We enhance our efforts through extensive volunteer participation to keep these lands clean and safe.

We will do more, as we grow, to get the message out and strive toward improving recreational target shooting!

To provide free resources and volunteer preservation opportunities in our communities, these endeavors require a great deal of time and expense, often which are funded by our team members.  But it’s not enough and depends on your support.  We need your help to grow our impact and make a bigger difference.

Any contribution of support funding and volunteerism is welcome.  Should you have questions about our cause, or would like to speak with us further about our impact on our community you can reach Bill Cogley, President, at 360/ 713-8304 or email to .

Your support of our efforts is very much appreciated!

Thank You!


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We are a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization.  We are registered as a Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Washington and approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 Charitable Volunteer nonprofit corporation.  Your donation is tax deductible.

Your support of our efforts is very much appreciated!  Thank You!


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