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Volunteers strengthen our organization as a group of responsible Stewards.  You are our boots on the ground.  Our eyes and ears in the forest.  You are the ones who get the job done.  We value you as a volunteer and member of Trash No Land.  You are joining a movement of a united group of gun owners who value the privilege of shooting on public land and are joining the fight against illegal and unethical target shooting on public land.  The more Stewards we have on board, the bigger the voice we have in saving recreational shooting on public land and the bigger the difference we can make.

We hope you will join us by registering for membership, as well as a volunteer.  With Trash No Land,  Membership is free and no strings attached.  Volunteering, however, is priceless!  Your financial support is encouraged and needed, but is not required to be a member and Steward in our organization!

As we progress in our growth, we will seek to enhance Stewardship benefits with special offerings and awards.  We'll also send you emails when events and opportunities arise.  Thank you!

We are; Stewardship in Recreational Shooting.

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We need active volunteers in Trash No Land.  Please add a comment (below) on what you would like to help with.  Here are some examples of what we need help with...

    Distribution of publications to vendors and forest agencies in your area.
    Cleanup-n-Shoot events
    BBQ Cook at events
    Cooks Assistant at events
    Administration and/or IT Tech Assistance at Trash No Land
    Contribute equipment or incentive items as a Supporting Vendor
    Board of Directors
    Other (Please describe 'Other' in the comments box below)


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 Together, we're going to make a difference!


We are a Non-Profit Organization.  We are registered as a Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Washington and approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 Chartitable, Volunteer nonprofit corporation.  Your donation is now tax deductible.

Your support of our efforts is very much appreciated!  Thank You!

A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charitable Volunteer Organization.


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